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Q: I am not flexible; I can’t do yoga on land.  How am I supposed to do yoga on a stand up paddle board that seems impossible?

A: Nothing is Impossible there is only I M Possible. Yoga is not about being able to fold into a pretzel, but about being able to focus on the breath… in other words if you can breathe…you can do yoga including yoga on a stand up paddle board.

Q: Why do S.U.P YOGA?

A: When practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board, it allows you to tune into each posture. For example, in downward dog if you are putting more weight on one side, your board will lean more to one side. S.U.P YOGA increases core strength, range of motion, and balance. Those are three key components when doing yoga on water. Also, by bringing your practice to water, it allows you to be in nature, and enjoy all that nature has to offer while doing yoga.

Q: What if I fall in?

A: We highly suggest before taking S.U.P YOGA anywhere you know how to swim. We cannot guarantee that you will not fall in. The best part about falling is to laugh it off, and learn why you fell in. It is the only way to get better. If you do fall in, your board is a wonderful flotation device. You can get back on the board by hugging the side of it place both hands on your board, push down and bring your legs around, or coming from the tail of the board and sliding on from the back. If you get off, get back on and try again. No worries. S.U.P YOGA is about having fun, in a safe environment.

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