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Namaste SUP is a community.  The goal is to unite everyone who loves stand up paddling and yoga. It is a community not only for the student but also for the teacher.

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S.U.P. Yoga In Schools

We have developed a land and water curriculum for Middle School, High School, and Universities to integrate S.U.P YOGA into their current Physical Education Programs.

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S.U.P. Yoga Teacher Trainings & Certification Maintenance

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Although no one really knows when Yoga came to exist in history, archaeologists estimate Yoga history to have begun around 3000 B.C.. Stand Up Paddle Yoga  has been sweeping across the globe the last couple of years. S.U.P YOGA provides all the benefits of SUP and Yoga combined. S.U.P YOGA increases stability, flexibility, and core strength. Doing a yoga posture on a stand up paddleboard increases awareness of weight transfer. View our Gallery page and see how S.U.P. yoga is evolving around the globe.


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The word Namaste has different meanings to people. Some use Namaste as a way to say thank you.  Some use Namaste as a spiritual affirmation. Namaste translates to I bow to you.   It is the acknowledgement of one soul to another and is usually performed at the end of a yoga class with hands together at the heart chakra to show respect. I have always thought of Namaste as a way to not only show respect but to show unity and connection from one soul to another. Namaste SUP is a community.

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